About this Blog

Rawpoliticsjamaicastyle is my attempt to get a discussion going about Jamaica and the world from multiple vantage points. It covers a range of issues, including those in the academy, journalism, arts and entertainment, politics, economics and the list goes on! Join the discussion and share this blog…Opening new spaces for conversation, unlike any other!


2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Hi there,

    I am a journalist in NYC and currently interested in focusing on Jamaican arts and culture – specifically Dancehall and Passa Passa.

    Could we communicate more?
    Please reach out to me if so.


    1. I would be very happy to speak to you. However, my constant hesitation with interviews with foreign media is that they, ultimately, report what they wish to, notwithstanding evidence to the contrary.

      That said, let us see where this leads.


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